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English Proofreading & Editing


What is Editing?

As well as proofreading Kuttura offers a comprehensive editing service that includes and goes beyond our proofreading service. With this service, your work will receive a complete review followed by correction of the structure, flow, style and presentation.

Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a proofreading or editing certificate.

Our intention and offer is to resolve the weaknesses and ambiguities in your work and present you with a tidier, improved and overall better-presented piece of writing. Whatever subject you’re writing about and whatever the target audience, our goal is to make sure your ideas and arguments are presented concisely and efficiently, appealing to your target audience and achieving the desired effect.

We consistently achieve incredible results by focusing on the building blocks that make up a great piece of writing: presentation, structure, clarity and style.


Presentation is quite an ambiguous feature that often alludes a lot of people, but when it is perfected, it elevates the writing tremendously. Whether the goal of your work is to score a high mark on a paper, excite new customers about your business or get accepted into your dream college, good presentation is key. Kuttura ensures that your work implements the best strategies, convincing arguments, a compelling main body, the right tone for your subject and of course, a high level of written English.


The right structure for your content is very specific to the type of content you are writing whether that be an academic paper or a business agreement. When our editors consider the structure of your work, they are looking at the order of your ideas through your work as well as how your arguments are organized within the paragraphs and sentences. We ensure that your ideas and arguments are built up and flow correctly throughout, communicating your message logically to the reader.


With longer texts where multiple ideas and arguments are being communicated, it is common for things to get confusing for the reader. Our editors are experts at eradicating ambiguities and improving clarity by reworking sentence structure, word choice, and word order. Our editors offer advice on individual wording as well as problematic passages within your work.


It is often hard to ingrain a style of writing into your work. This is where our editors can help. A continuous style is an important factor in conveying your personality and ideas to the reader in an easily digestible way. At Kuttura, we make sure to define your style and fit your language to the subject matter to form a cohesive piece of writing. In other words, we polish your use of language to form a native English level of writing.

For academic work, our editors will make sure your citations are consistent in style and ensure they are presented and formatted correctly. Citations represent a large part of the overall professionalism of your work and it is imperative that your work is cited correctly. Our editors have experience in Chicago, Harvard, MLA, APA and Turabian styles. We will not write citations for you, however.


Our professional editors are able to take student texts to the next level in terms structure, presentation, flow and clarity. For native English speakers that want to achieve the highest grade possible on their midterms or papers, our experienced editors are able to fine-tune your ideas and pick up on inaccuracies in the minute details that contribute to the overall tone and structure of your writing. For ESL students, our editors have a lot of experience interpreting and correcting common mistakes and inaccuracies in non-native speakers' work. They will help you to present a piece of writing synonymous with that of a native English speaker.

The effectiveness of our professional editing service can’t be understated for academic writing. This service is effective for MA and PhD students as well as scholars and academics employed at universities. Our service will help you publish your work in journals published by major publishers. Our stringent attention to detail will elevate even the minute details in your work. The clarity and style of complex arguments and ideas will be carefully considered and polished in order to impress your audience or professor. Our editors will make sure your citations are consistent in style and ensure they are presented and formatted correctly. Citations represent a large part of the overall professionalism of your work and it is imperative that your work is cited correctly.

Our editors have professional experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors, so you can be confident that they will polish and enhance the intricacies and specific language associated with your business. Our editors are masters at resolving ambiguity and correcting the structure, flow and style of your work to present a formal and professional document. The fine detail and precise, persuasive statements included in your presentations, emails, contracts and white papers will be considered carefully and edited to the highest standards of written English. Your document will be treated with the utmost respect and all information enclosed will remain confidential.

We offer a professional fiction editing service for those that want to polish their next best seller. Our specialized editors will conduct a comprehensive review of the style, structure, presentation and clarity of your writing and adjust it accordingly. For this type of writing, we will take more care to suggest revisions as to not alter the narrative. We will provide you with a piece of work free from errors that reads as well as the next smash hit and that could happily sit on the shelf next to a New York Times Best Seller.

For college and job applicants who require a near perfect piece of work to illustrate their competence, our professional editors will perform a stringent editorial review to ensure your application documents impress the reader. Our editors have plenty of experience editing this style of writing, which is very personal and written in a unique style to elicit an emotional response from the reader. Our editors will ensure your key points and ideas flow eloquently throughout your writing in an obvious and free flowing structure and style.

For seniors and those with complex learning disabilities such as special needs or dyslexia, our expert editors can help polish and fine tune your work to present a fluent and high-quality piece of writing. Your disability should not be a factor in whether you produce a great piece of writing or not, and with our services, it won’t. Our editors will put you at ease and help lessen the effect your disability might have on your work. Because of their vast experience, our editors know what to look for in every situation. They can pick out errors throughout the document and polish the structure, presentation, clarity and style. The goal is to precisely edit your original work and present back to you a finely tuned piece of work that displays a very high-quality level of English writing.

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