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English Proofreading & Editing
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Trusted, Flawless, Affordable

Trusted, Flawless, Affordable


Kuttura is a leading English proofreading and editing service. We are proud to have customers from all over the world that trust Kuttura to provide the finest proofreading and editing services for their work.


Our proofreading service includes a comprehensive analysis and correction of the syntax, grammar, wording, spelling, punctuation and typos in your document.
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Our editing service includes our complete proofreading service, as well as an extensive adjustment of the presentation, structure, clarity and style of your writing.
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We check for mistakes in writing

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Consistently used by native and non-native English speakers alike, our fast and affordable English correction service makes sure their writing achieves the highest level of English expected by top universities, publishers and professional workplaces.

Our experts elevate your ideas and arguments by ensuring they are presented fluently, eloquently and effectively.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction
From students and academics to fiction writers and businessmen, we are pleased to offer fast, affordable and high-quality proofreading and editing for a whole range of subjects and professions. We also provide editing and proofreading for blogs and professional content writers.

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English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Writers

We work with customers who are having difficulty replicating a natural, native-like English voice in their writing. Writing in English poses many challenges when it is your second language; translating your ideas and arguments demands time, focus and strict application. Working hard to present your best ideas is not enough on its own, as informative and exciting ideas must be presented in a fluent, logical and structured manner. Even the most unique and exceptional ideas will be seen to be the level of an amateur if the writing is hard to understand due to subpar spelling, grammar, structure and referencing.

You may not have a good grasp of English, but good proofreading can help you to overcome this and ensure that your grammar, spelling, structure and form are all perfect, allowing you to further convince the reader that you are an expert, and that your writing deserves applause. If English is not your first language, contact Kuttura and let us remove this obstacle from your path to success.

Genres We Edit:
» Journal Articles
» Theses
» Dissertations
» Grant Proposals
» Cover Letters
» Press Releases
» Reports
» Resumes
» Websites
» Blogs
» White Papers
» Memos
» Novels
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Expert Editors
Our experienced editors and proofreaders all have at least an MA and three years of professional editing experience.

Bespoke English Editing and Proofreading

The reason so many of our clients trust us is because we are the most reliable redaction service in the English-speaking world. We are able to consistently provide accurate and high-quality language services in an efficient manner. Our array of experienced editors affords us the flexibility to work to our client’s schedule, often providing a quick turnaround. Furthermore, our agency will be in constant contact with you if our editors need to clarify the ambiguities in your work.



Do you want to make sure your work achieves the best grade possible while impressing your professor? Our proofreading and editing services for students and recent graduates are perfect for native or non-native English speakers and cover a wide range of subjects.


Do you want your article, book chapter or book to get noticed and impress your peers? We offer the best service for academics who require professional proofreading and editing services for all types of academic writing, effective for both native and non-native English speakers.


We deliver comprehensive proofreading and editing services to companies from a wide range of industries. From marketing to sales to customer service, our expert editors have plenty of experience utilizing their skills across every department.


We provide professional proofreading and editing services for fiction writers who want their exciting stories to immerse the reader. Ensure your passion project is free from errors, allowing the audience to enjoy your world without distraction.


Do your application documents need editing? We provide a fast and affordable service for college and job applicants who require English proofreading and editing services.


Our editors have experience providing exceptional proofreading and editing services to seniors, people with special needs and dyslexia, and an array of other disabilities.

To place an order, fill out the online order form, select the particular proofreading service and select the turnaround time you desire. Then, upload your document and be sure to enter the word count. For reliable, affordable and qualified proofreading and editing services, try us today!